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Located in Texas, Torch Apparel offers customers a place to find unique and timeless fashion pieces. Founded by Torch and Daccuiel in 2020, we sell quality merchandise to customers across the globe. We aim to please without limitation.

Sexy & Strong!

Whether you’re looking for Fitness Apparel or leisure apparel to feel comfortable, sexy, and powerful, we have something for everyone.

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Meet Torch

The man whose vision and passion gave birth to Torch Apparel.



A true fitness professional and army veteran, Ricardo Torchon is highly passionate about helping you look and feel your best. Together with his  business partner Guelot Daccueil who is also an army veteran, they built this business to provide the greatest fashion picks for all genders in the fitness industry.

Always be yourself. Live to be great. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Make an impact. Be a role model. Never give up. Know to reach greatness you must be resilient. Beware of your surroundings. Aim high. Pray and Be Thankful. Lastly never forget where you came from and and never pass judgment!

Limited Edition Coming Soon.

Stay tuned for the baddest #fitnesswear in town. Be the first to know when stock becomes available.

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